• Intermediate Skill Level
  • 3-Session Class
  • Tuesday, March 03, 10, 17
  • 6:00-8:00 pm
  • Class Fee: $30.00

The Boxy Tote was designed to hold a Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine. It has a rigid metal frame that holds the mouth of the bag open and offers protection for its contents. Pockets all around the outside and pockets all around on the inside! This Boxy Tote is great for knitting projects, sewing supplies, quilting supplies, cosmetics, also the best diaper bag ever. The pattern (purchase with class discount) includes 2 metal stays to make your first bag. Approximate finished size: 14in wide x 12in tall x 11in deep.

Pattern may be purchased with class discount at All Brands.

Call 804-270-1882 to make a reservation.


Find Out Why It's Time to Stop in This Fun Video 

Use the zig-zag stitch or button sewing stitch that may be built-in your machine to sew your buttons onto your projects! Check out our Baby Lock website to learn more about our sewing machines:

Rob demonstrates how to make a lined foldover bag with a strap, a zippered pocket, and a durable cork fabric bottom. He used nice, soft cork fabric and Cuddle Suede - Navy Yardage by Shannon Fabrics. Get supplies by clicking the link below:

See the video here.

Pinwheel quilts are the perfect example of a quilt pattern inspired by a real object. Whimsical and decorative, pinwheel quilts create gorgeous motifs that any quilter will love. Click here to download the instructions.

A tall sewing cabinet with plenty of room for storage and to accomdate a larger sewing machine.  Available in White, Sunset Oak, and White with Oak Trim.  

25" acrylic insert available.  

XXMLINSERT 25in/Special Cut Insert





  • Dimensions
  • Open: 48-3/4” Width x 40” Depth x 29-3/4” Height
  • Closed: 37-3/4” Width x 20” Depth x 29-3/4” Height
  • Weight: 140 lbs.
  • Left Storage Area: 3” Width x 9-1/2” Depth x 25-3/4“ Height
  •  Right Storage Area: 2-1/4” Width x 9-1/2” Depth x 25-3/4“ Height
  • Features
  • Melamine mar-resistant surface
  • 2.5mm rounded edge banding for comfortable sewing
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Extra-Large 25” X 13” machine cutout
  • "Extra Tall" Heavy-Duty airlift with lock
  • Mounting platform support panel for heavy machines
  • Open front area for bobbin access and knee lever
  • In front of the needle sewing position
  • Insert and filler panel storage area
  • Easy roll lockable casters
  • Left side extension platform included
  • Hinged drop leaf cutting table installed with locking caster on single support
  • “NEW” Bi-fold swing away door
  • Completely assembled!
  • MSRP: US $1,748.00.  Call the store at 804-270-1882 for store pricing and/or other incentives.
  • Available in these finishes:

WhiteSunset OakWhite with Oak Trim

Model 5100 sewing cabinet is the smallest, most economical cabinet in the Horn line.

  • Dimensions:
  • Open: 36 5/8” Width x 19 3/4” Depth x 29-3/4” Height
  • Weight: 89 lbs 
  • Features
  • Melamine mar-resistant surface
  • Extra-Large 25” X 13” machine cutout
  • Standard height heavy duty airlift with lock
  • Insert and filler panel orage area
  • Easy roll lockable casters
  • Assembled, just install the casters
  • MSRP: US $823.00  Call the store at 804-270-1882 for store pricing and/or other incentives.
  • Only available in white.




Watch as Baby Lock's Sara Gallegos show you how to create a buttonhole in one easy step. For more tips and tricks, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Click here to watch this video

This dress can be made with measurements for baby to young child (like 6 years old or so)!

This project will work for babies through young child (like I'd say even 6 or maybe 7 years'll just have to measure the length of the skirt and make sure you can get that in the circle skirt)! This dress involves a circle skirt and an elastic gathered bodice (somewhat like smocking). You just need some measurements to start. There may or may not be a lot of math to start's good for you, right?! 

Click here for the directions.

Twin needles are commonly used for decorative stitching and also hemming knits. Twin needles have two numbers in their sizing. The first number indicates the space between the needles. The second number is the size of the needle. So add some spark to your next straight stitch project, use a twin needle or be adventurous and try a triple!




Here is another sewing basic post. The directions below will show you how to install a slot, or centered zipper.

Click here to download the instructions!